Our partners abroad

To meet not only the local exporters´ requirements but also those importers abroad, we have entered strategic alliances with overseas agents that allow us to meet business DDP in USA, México, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica y Panamá.

These agreements have been generated in order to meet the needs which the markets we serve bring up the most, taking into account that most of those negotiations are in FCA terms.

Customs Agency


Freight and Customs Partners Abroad

COUNTRY Costa Rica
CONTACT Javier Castillo
COMPANY Aduanera la Garita
E-MAIL jcastillo@aduaneralagarita.com
WEBPAGE www.serviaduanas.com

CONTACT Mauro Alegre
COMPANY Operinter S.A.
E-MAIL malegre@operinter.com
WEBPAGE http://www.operinter.com/madrid.aspx

COUNTRY Estados Unidos - Miami
CONTACT Constanza Astudillo
COMPANY Avianca Express
E-MAIL castudillo@aciancaexpress.com
WEBPAGE www.aviancaexpress.com

COUNTRY Estados Unidos - Miami
CONTACT María Luisa Rangel
COMPANY Tampa Cargo Logistics
E-MAIL maria.rangel@aviancataca.com
WEBPAGE www.tampacargo.com

COUNTRY Estados Unidos - New York
CONTACT Carlos Pareja
COMPANY Velocity Freight
E-MAIL cpareja1@aol.com

CONTACT Héctor Jardines R.
COMPANY Brokers And Consulting
E-MAIL hector-jardines@brokers-and-consulting.com.mx
WEBPAGE www.brokersagentes.com

CONTACT Carlos Lane
COMPANY Global Cargo
E-MAIL tocumen@globalcargopty.com

COUNTRY Puerto Rico
CONTACT Brenda de la Cruz
COMPANY De la Cruz Customs Brokers, INC
E-MAIL brenda@delacruz-chb.com
WEBPAGE www.delacruz-chb.com