Experience and willingness at your service, is what sums up our mission. We have been linked for 25 years to this activity, through which we have built strong relationships with major airlines serving the market.

    Thanks to these airlines´ mergers we are able to offer excellent rates and coverage to various destinations with direct flights to the capitals of Central and South America, Miami, New York, Madrid and other major routes.

    Through interline agreements and transits via MIA, NYC and LAX among the most common ones, we offer routes to the main capitals of Europe, Asia and Oceania along with major European and Asian airlines.


    We offer the Amerijet choice as the best one regarding logistics and costs in order to reach Caribbean Island destinations such as Guadalupe, Martinica, St. Martin, etc.

    European colony countries with trade agreements concluded between the EU and Colombia. The load is sent from Rionegro to Miami, connecting Caribbean Islands on Amerijet freighter flights every Wednesday.

    Due to its best rates and excellent performance within its connections, it is a service guarantee for those exporters who meet these routes.


    We promote this airline´s services, as an excellent transportation choice to major capital cities in Central and South America, which Copa Cargo connects with excellent flight frequency from Panamá through Hub De Las Américas, one of the continent´s most dynamic and agile ones.

    From José Maria Cordova airport, Copa offers 4 daily flights to Panama City.

    For Caracas – Venezuela exports, we consider the best offer which we present to this airline, with direct rng/ccs flights along with 6 weekly frequencies.


    We often use this Dutch airline for shipments to Puerto Rico (Aguadillas) due to its great coverage along with 6 cargo flights per week through MP Logistics. We are also able to offer door to door services to any destination in Puerto Rico.

    Additionally and via Amsterdam, we can provide connections to major European cities thanks to Martinair Cargo, either by land or air through group airlines.

  • Additional Services


    In a highly competitive international market, it is vital to know and adhere to trade agreements that make the advantage of buying and selling in certain markets. It is also important to offer excellent quality standard products, but it is not less to reach those foreign markets with attractive pricing levels for the buyer.
    On the other hand, it is not enough to have a good product; you must know how to promote it abroad, protecting shipments with all valid documents, including its origin certificate when applying for our exports´ destination.
    All In Cargo S.A.S, offers experienced and suitable advice through a business process outsourcing with CERTIEXPORT, at reasonable prices and with agile processes to meet our clients´ requirements.


    We offer free pick up and airport transportation through strategic partners by coordinating a strict schedule that allows for the airline cargo holds´ timely entry, bearing in mind the reservations provided by the same departure flights dates and times, in order to deliver on time the required documentation by those entities that control the export process such as narcotics police and customs.
    We assign transportation companies vehicles that offer a large fleet and are of all our trust because of the knowledge we have on them as to their economic, moral, and safety standards.
    It is also important to notice that the first representative exporter before the authorities that control security processes is the driver who is responsible for internal vehicle transportation, as it is, the one who should be present in the airline´s goods warehouses´ entry which through its security department has to conduct the first responsibility letters and contents inspection to be forwarded by exporting companies representatives concerning the shipment.


    By government decree in Colombia, cargo agencies cannot exercise DIAN brokerage to represent that entity to exporters, being our aim to provide our clients a comprehensive service offering which achieves a strong identity and responsibility in our offer. Therefore, we have an in-house customs brokerage called Techcomex Ltda Level 1 in order to meet our clients´ export procedures on time as an added value to our head office inside the cargo terminal. (Warehouse # 7 Office 7D) This location at the airport allows us to be close to all processes, providing a quick response capability.

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